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New York Black Public Relations Society & New York Association of Black Journalists Holiday Party

It’s the season for holiday parties.

Black Public Relations Society of New York & New York Association of Black Journalists will be having their 2012 Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 4th at 6-10 pm at K Lounge located at 30 West 52nd Street

RSVP Here:

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NFL and Apple have a PR problem

I find it interesting that the NFL and Apple are going through a PR crisis at the same time. Each have brand enthusiast who have no problems voicing their concerns. Though people are loyal to these brands, you can misrepresent you product.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business and the runaway most popular sport in America; Apple is a nearly trillion-dollar business and the most popular company in the world. Given that, it’s more than a coincidence that both organizations have taken rare PR hits over similar subjects.

While Apple is taking heat for its negligence surrounding its Maps app, the NFL is allowing the labor dispute and lockout of its officials to impact the outcomes of its ever-important regular season games.

Apple’s PR headache: Maps

Apple’s release of the iPhone 5 and updated operating system update was, at the outset, yet another giant leap forward for the company—until people started using the so-called “improvements.”

The Maps app on iOS 6, which Apple built to be a giant improvement over previous efforts, turned out to be anything but. A number of reaction articles have noted errors in Maps as major as entire cities missing or being placed in the ocean. According to one tech writer: “The Maps app simply isn’t ready for use. And Apple knew this before it released iOS6, as developers had complained for months during the beta-testing cycle about the app’s problems.”

The NFL’s PR problem: referees

The NFL’s officials have been locked out of the league since their contract expired in June. In their place for the opening three weeks of the season have been replacement refs, who are simply not up to the task. Think of it as associates in a law firm suddenly being thrust into the roles of senior partners.

The result has been a myriad of missed, phantom, and overall wrong calls that have impacted the outcomes of numerous games. The New England Patriots-Baltimore Ravens game on Sunday Night Football (a national audience on NBC, mind you) reached a boiling point. That is, until a call that handed the Seattle Seahawks a win over the Green Bay Packers on ESPN’s Monday Night Football took it to an entirely new level.

According to an Associated Press report:

“[The] league and the NFL Referees Association (NFLRA), which covers more than 120 on-field officials, are at odds over salary, retirement benefits and operational issues. The NFL has said its offer includes annual pay increases that could earn an experienced official more than $200,000 annually by 2018. The union has disputed the value of the proposal, insisting it would ultimately reduce their compensation.”

But tangible results, not numbers and clauses, are all that matter to NFL fans, players, and coaches right now. Through nearly three weeks of the season it was impossible to ignore the negative impact replacement refs have had on the NFL’s games, and after the Monday Night debacle, things are out of control.

The NFLRA has become exponentially more appreciated as bad calls have worn on, and from a consumer perspective, the issue has become one-sided.

Apple’s dispute with Google was about more than just money. Now, the NFL referee lockout is, too.

Both Apple and the NFL need to swallow their pride—not tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, but now—and give the other side what it wants before these bruises turn into long-lasting injuries.

It’s doubtful that the NFL can repair the damage done, especially given Monday’s fiasco. For Apple, it’s possible that a restoration of Google Maps will do the trick.

The demands each face are hardly unreasonable, especially given all the external business issues that are affected by the disputes.

Nobody likes greed. The NFL and Apple are two of the most popular brands in the world for a reason. But in each case, someone forgot why, and took his eye off the ball. Never jeopardize your brand if you don’t have to.

Steve Herz is the president of IF Management, an on-air media talent representation company. A version of this story first appeared on the firm’s Facebook page.

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Vocus Unveils PR Suite Fall 2012 Release — Tool Now Features Recommendation Engine to Filter Noise in Social Media and Identify Relevant Opportunities to Engage Customers and Influencers | Bulldog Reporter

Public relations is a profession where you are always learning. There will be new tools to help with your job. I was reading the latest on Vocus and their latest fall release, that should be an asset to the PR community.

Vocus Unveils PR Suite Fall 2012 Release — Tool Now Features Recommendation Engine to Filter Noise in Social Media and Identify Relevant Opportunities to Engage Customers and Influencers | Bulldog Reporter.

National Black Public Relations Society Launches Regional New Jersey Chapter




National Black Public Relations Society Launches Regional New Jersey Chapter

9th Chapter to provide professional development and networking opportunities for PR/communications professionals and students


BEVERLY HILLS, CA – The National Black Public Relations Society (, the foremost organization for professional image-makers and strategists, announced today the launch of a new chapter in New Jersey.


New Jersey Black Public Relations Society is officially here

The New Jersey Chapter Black Public Relations Society (NJBPRS) will provide career development, networking, mentoring and other benefits to professionals in public relations, media relations, government relations, marketing, social media and other communications specialties.


“We’re very excited to add New Jersey to our chapter roster,” said Deborah K. Hyman, president of the NBPRS. “We’re increasing our network around the country so that communications professionals have local and national networks to tap into for support.  Black communications professionals are making monumental contributions to organizations around the world; we want to ensure they have a strong network and career advancing opportunities.”


The leadership of NJBPRS includes Beverley Malcolm, senior communications consultant for Global Communications at Verizon, as president; Sandra Florent, president of Solo Dove public relations firm, as vice president; Natalie Thigpen, vice president of communications at Mountainside Hospital, as treasurer; and Cameka Crawford, public relations manager at Verizon Wireless, as secretary.


“Over the next few months, NJBPRS will launch a series of professional development programs and networking events to serve communications professionals and students,” said Malcolm. “We’re inviting all northern New Jersey communications professionals to join us and get involved. Our strength will be in our members, and together we’ll have a competitive advantage.”


To join NJBPRS, contact Interested professionals and students can connect with the organization via LinkedIn or on twitter @NJBPRS.


In addition to the new New Jersey chapter, there are Black Public Relations Society chapters in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. The organization’s members and supporters will convene in Washington, DC at Howard University for their annual conference and career fair on October 25-28, 2012. Go to for more information.


About the National Black Public Relations Society


The National Black Public Relations Society is the foremost organization for professional image-makers and strategists. We invite you to join our network of 500-plus members comprised of communications professionals in the fields of public relations, marketing and social media. With the strength of our affiliate chapters throughout the country, NBPRS strives to nurture, enlighten and inform its membership about new technologies and techniques. Our goal is to empower practitioners and entrepreneurs to network and succeed. Visit us at, follow us on Twitter @NBPRS and on Facebook at National Black Public Relations Society.

Newly elected E-Board for New Jersey Black Public Relations Society

It’s official the newly formed New Jersey Black Public Relations Society (NJBPRS) has been formed and elected their executive board. Yours truly will be serving as vice president. There is much work to be done but I am excited for the challenge.

Let’s meet the executive board.

· Beverley Malcolm, president – senior communications consultant for Global Communications at Verizon
· Sandra Florent, vice president – president of Solo Dove Public Relations, a boutique public relations firm that specializes in entertainment, fashion and non-profit organizations
· Cameka Crawford, secretary – public relations manager at Verizon Wireless


Once again congratulations to the executive board we look forward to build a great chapter here in New Jersey.

Happy Flying,
~Solo Dove~

New Jersey Black Public Relations Society Meeting – May 8th

New Jersey Public Relations professionals there is another chance to attend a Black Public Relations society meeting. This one will be in central Jersey at the J&J headquarters in New Brunswick. I think its a smart move to have meetings in northern and central Jersey, its such to foster more community among New Jersey PR professionals. I attended inaugural meeting that happened about a month ago. That meeting was held at NJPAC a brought out a good crowd. I have the feeling this meeting will draw a crowd as well. Also the newly reactivated NY BPRS is having a meeting on the 8th as well. So two chances to mix and mingle.

I’ve attached a link to the flier below, feel free to share. Hope to see you all there.

Happy Flying,
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PR News: NJ BPRS Kick-Off Meeting – Tuesday, April 3, 6:30 – 8 PM

For my New Jersey based public relations professionals this is a meeting you will want to attend.

Inaugural Regional Informational & Networking Kick-Off Meeting

When: Tuesday, April 3, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Where: New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), One Center St., Newark, NJ

Light Refreshments; $2 Parking Voucher (Lots A, C, & Military Park)

Register no later than Friday, March 23:


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