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May is Haitian Heritage Month, who knew?

Thanks to Twitter you can learn plenty of new this. Yesterday as one of those days. I found out that May is Haitian Heritage Month. It was first celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1998. Now Haitian Heritage Month is a celebration in the United States of Haitian heritage and culture. Though I am well aware of the contributions of Haitians and Haitian Americans. Also familiar with the Haitian holidays. Haitian Heritage month is basically an expansion on Haitian Flag day. Haitian Flag Day is May 18th which celebrates the creation of the Haitian Flag.

My hometown of  Irvington New Jersey is one of those places that has a large Haitian population and we do have our Haitian parade come May 18th. The streets are filled with a sea of blue and red. There are a lot of celebrations in the surrounding areas. Upon finding out that there is a Haitian Heritage month I think it should be publicized a bit more and be used as a teaching tool. I know many people are unfamiliar with Haiti and its people and most of their knowledge may come from what they have seen on TV. Also the earthquake in Haiti didn’t help. Haiti needs to be shown in a more positive light. There are good people and improvements happening not as fast as most would like but it is happening.

So for the month of May and beyond take the time to learn about Haiti and its people. Expand your knowledge of this Caribbean island. I have to think of a way to celebrate, maybe a Creole word of the day? I’ll figure it out.

To learn more about Haitian Heritage Month visit or

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Taste of Haiti: Artists and their Brushes | Cultural Re-Building of Haiti




For Immediate Release 


Taste of Haiti – Artists and Their Brushes 

Who:  The Caribbean American Network   and Billionaire Girls Club 

What: Taste of Haiti The Artist and Their Brushes Fundraiser 

When: Thursday September 23,2010   

Where:  320 Studios  320 West 37th Street 4th Fl, New York, NY 10018 


 New York, New York September 27,2010– This past weekend  The Caribbean American Network, Inc. in collaboration with Billionaire Girls Club, Inc hosted an enchanting art exhibition  Taste of Haiti: Artists and their Brushes  at the lavish 320 Studios NYC,  Hosted by  Guy Evans Fords this event will be geared toward the preservation of Haitian artistry that has been affected by the January 12th, 2010 Haiti earthquake. 

The sounds of Haitian music filled the studio with performances by Patrick Lacroix, Frank Ricardo and Maryse Coulangea the art work of several Haitian artists adorned 320 studio space. The art work of  Michael Brudent, Shubert Dennis, Jean-Claude Legagneur, Mona Hiegler, Patrick Wah, Elie Lescot, Rose Hackl, Patricia Brintle, Jean Tony Moise, Hughes Tassy, Ricardo J. Fenelon and Jean Richard Coachy were on display  capturing the essence of their land and spirit of people for everyone to see. Guest were treated to a  sampling of Haitian  food provided by Caribbean Network Member and {Krik Krak } resturant owner Maude Panphile.  

“ I am happy to be here, lucky to be here,  fortunate to be here” expressed artist Rose Hackl her joy in being able to participate Taste of Haiti.   

Taste of Haiti: Artists and their Brushes – a historic milestone on the road toward the cultural re-building of Haiti.

About Caribbean American Network
The Caribbean American Network (CAN) is a non-profit, humanitarian organization with a 501c3 status, that was founded in order to empower the Haitian community in New York and Haiti. In New York, CAN provides referral services for health, housing, legal and social support to the Haitian community of New York. 
About  Billionaire Girls Club Inc.
Billionaire Girls Club Inc. founded in April 2006 specializing in women’s ready to wear and haute couture apparel & accessories. Billionaire Girls Club & Co is a powerhouse of fashion forecasting and social influence. The idea of seasonal trends is broken down. 


painting from elie lescot



Painting Depicting the Earthquake







Painting by Elie Lescot


Patricia Brintle Painting



Patrick Lacroix

Maryse Coulange


L to R:Elie Lescot ,Patricia Brintle, Patrick Wah, Mona Hiegler, Rose Hackl, Ricardo J. Fenelon , Hughes Tassy, and Host Guy Evans Ford


Artist Elie and Mona in front of Monas paintings


Ricardo J. Fenelon



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