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“Haiti Cherie” Benefit to Support Grace International

I attended the “Haiti Cherie” Benefit to Support Grace International this past week and I have to say it was an atmosphere ripe for giving and celebrating.

Demarco Morgan, Anchor and Reporter, NBC New York served as Master of CeremoniesNew York City professionals, were in attendance. Including former Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) contestant Keenyah Hill, Publicist BJ Coleman, Fashion designer Briana Bigham, Prince Kunle and Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria, Plus Size Model Angellika Morton, and Stylist, Alexa Winner.  The District 36 served as the venue for this first annual event as authentic Haitian music filled the place.

 When speaking with the Master of Ceremonies Demarco Morgan I  asked him what was his hope for Haiti 

“Continue inspire  by faith and committment. They are an example that you can make it through any situation.  That we do whatever we can individually and collectively to help Haiti succeed. When Haiti succeeds we all succeed .”

He spoke on how he wanted Haiti to thrive and get to a place that is fitting for the  first independent Black Nation.

I also posed publicist BJ Coleman the same question and his response was “Hope that there is full recovery.  With basic necessities  [that we all take for granted] that no citizen in Haiti goes without.”

Towards the end of the evening I also spoke briefly with Fabrise Armand.   He greeted me with familiar Haitian greeting “Mwen Lakay”  (loose translation “person from home”)   

 He stated his gratitude for everyone who came and supported to make the evening a success.

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DeMarco Morgan and Fabrice Armand

DeMarco Morgan and Fabrice Armand

Prince Kunle and Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria

Prince Kunle and Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria

To learn more about Grace International, Inc. visit


Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

About the Author

Sandra Florent is the entertainment and non-profit publicist behind Solo Dove Public Relations. Solo Dove Public Relations is based in New Jersey. Solo Dove Public Relations provides personalized publicity, consulting,and event planning services to clients in their area of expertise.







Haitian Independence Awards Reception


Due to the inclement weather the event was postponed to Mon. Feb 7th and the RSVP Deadline is Feb 4th.

The 2011 Haitian Independence Awards Reception invite hit my inbox and it was a pleasant surprise. An award ceremony in honor of Haitian Independence and that will be  honoring some notable Haitians of course I will be there.

Here is the flier for the event NEW DATE 2011 Haitian Independence Awards Reception  and below is the other important information about the awards.

 Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer, The Haitian American Caucus and The Haitian Roundtable cordially invite you to a program and reception in honor of Haitian Independence 
Special Recognition Awards Will Be Presented To:


The Honorable Rodneyse Bichotte
State Committeewoman and District Leader
42nd District, Brooklyn, New York

Ricot Dupuy
Journalist & Radio Personality
Radio Soleil

Mona Scott-Young
CEO Monami Entertainment
Former Co-Owner & President of Violator Management

An Honorary Haitian Award Will Be Presented To:
The Honorable Raymond W. Kelly
Commissioner, New York City Police Department

Mon. Feb 7th, 2011
6:00pm-8:00pm (doors open at 5:30pm)

French Institute-Alliance Française
55 East 59th Street
(Bet. Park and Madison Avenues)
New York, NY 10022

RSVP by January 26, 2011 via email at or via telephone at 212.669.2094


Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

Ayiti Cherie (Haiti My Love) | A year of turmoil

It has been a year since my mother’s native country was devastated by an a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that impacted not only this small island but the world. Haiti is about 10,ooo sq m we can compare it to the size of Maryland an earthquake that size completely ravaged this island.
There are millions of Haitians over world. Who could have imagine such a little place could produce some many people. The month of January is a celebratory month for Haitian people. Because it was on January 1,1804 we became the first black republic to gain our independence. So for such a tragedy to hit just 11 days into a new years after such a celebration of Independence mind-boggling.

I remember coming home from work turning on the TV and seeing Haiti hit by earthquake. I’m thinking to myself “Earthquake!” Haiti doesn’t have earthquakes. Hurricanes, tropical storms blackouts, corruption, sicknesses THESE I knew happened in Haiti but not earthquakes. As the days and weeks went on and we got news of family members and family friends in Haiti. There were those who were missing for weeks,some hurt, and sadly some who passed away. We also had to deal with those family and friends who were in the states who were unable to make any contact and when they finally were found out entire families were wiped out. And as if the earthquake wasn’t enough there was a cholera outbreak. [What else could go wrong?] Haitian people are strong but I don’t know how much more they can take.

Recently it said on the news it would take Haiti 10 years to get back to where it was and even then it was the poorest nation. What a title to have. “The poorest nation”.

Every time that I’ve seen Haiti on the news it has been shown in a negative light. I’m hoping that a year recovery speeds up, that progress is made, that people don’t forget, and people keep track of the aid that was pledged to Haiti.

I know America has it own issues. But as an American born Haitian I have an obligation to be a voice to what is still going on in Haiti.


Happy Flying,
~Solo Dove~

PLUM TV Presents Le Premiere Edition of Haiti Art Expo 2010

Taste of Haiti – Artists and Their Brushes | September 23,2010

August 18, 2010
Press Contact:
Sandra Florent
Taste of Haiti – Artists and Their Brushes
The Caribbean American Network Helps Haitian Artists Affected by The Earthquake
The purpose of this event is to raise funding to purchase art supplies (brushes, easels, paint, and canvases), and directly donate them to the Haitian artists whose ability to create art has been hindered due to the earthquake. The ultimate goal is to re-instill inspiration, foster crea-tivity, and to give the World a lasting taste of the rich, artistic culture of Haiti.
The Caribbean American Network will garner support from across the board to make this event a true success. Featured artists for the evening will include C. Mona Haigler and Jn-Claude Legagneur, as well as a stunning musical performance courtesy of Maryse Coulanges. The suggested donation for the event is $50, which will be used to purchase the art supplies that will be given directly to Haitian artists.
320 West 37th Street 4th Fl, New York, NY 10018
New York, NY August 18, 2010: On Thursday, September 23, 2010, The Caribbean American Network, Inc. in collaboration with Billionaire Girls Club, Inc., will host an enchanting art exhibition entitled Taste of Haiti: Artists and their Brushes. Taking place at the lavish 320 Studios NYC, this event will be geared toward the preservation of Haitian artistry that has been affected by the January 2010 Haiti earthquake.
With years of unwavering commitment to uplifting the people of the Caribbean, especially the Haitian community, the Caribbean American Network, Inc will prove that art, coupled with philanthropy, can overcome even the biggest of disasters. We hope to see you at Taste of Haiti: Artists and their Brushes – a historic milestone on the road toward the cultural re-building of Haiti.
For sponsorship inquiries contact Victoria Paul-Edouard, BGC Inc., (E)
Please visit our websites:,

Haute 4 Haiti L’Union Fait la Fashion Soiree

For Immediate Release


Haute 4 Haiti L’Union Fait la Fashion Soiree

Presented by

Billionaire Girls Club Inc., Steve Madden, NUVO, and The American Red Cross in Greater NY



Who: Billionaire Girls Club,  Steve Madden , NUVO, and The American Red Cross in Greater NY   What: Haute 4 Haiti Charity Fashion Soiree When: Saturday, June 5, 2010 6 pm Press Junket | 8pm Fashion Soirée Where:  Radisson Martinique Hotel  42 W 32ND ST New York , NY 10017


 New York, New York- This past weekend philanthropy and fashion  joined forces to raise much needed funds for the people of Haiti and showcase the fall 2010 looks of some talented designers. Guest were greeted with cameras flashing as they walked into the ballroom of the Radisson Martinique Hotel and BLACK GIRLS ROCK!, DJ Gino and DJ Diva Dee provided the music for the evening. Sponsor NUVO  provided the drinks for the cocktail reception and kept the libations flowing well into the night. Performances by The Morning After Band and young female MC Dante  energized the crowd as they awaited the fashion showcase.  Then came the main event exclusive designs and collections by Eminent Fash by Larissa Muehleder, Andrea Pitter for Pantora, Marchello Eans for Crying Tears, Renee  Fredique, Fabric Twinz and Albertini Addiction had the guest eyes fixed on the stage and wanting more. Not to be out done accessory auctioneers Stacy Armand, Finishing Touches Accessories, and D’Aveti Design gave guest some killer options to add to their own accessory collections.   

 Cute as Cake and Sweet Surreality provided decadent and decorative Haute 4 Haiti themed treats to satisfy the sweet tooth of guest.  A silent auction was held throughout the evening with paintings donated by Steven Cogle and Haitian painter Emma Thomas. The final performance of the evening came from Bronx rapper Ques who is a native of Haiti.  Ques got the crowd to their feet and as he performed a compilation of songs with a distinctive Haitian flare.

This group came together to keep the spot light on what is going on in Haiti and celebrate fashion. “I’m confident that through the commitment of these powerful organizations, ‘Haute 4 Haiti’ will rise to meet this urgent challenge and provide direct relief to the people.” – Victoria Paul-Edouard founder Billionaire Girls Club Haute 4 Haiti was not a one night event it will be felt by the people of Haiti for many years to come.  

Billionaire Girls Club Inc. founded in April 2006 specializing in women’s ready to wear and haute couture apparel & accessories. Billionaire Girls Club & Co is a powerhouse of fashion forecasting and social influence. The idea of seasonal trends is broken down. 

For media/press information on Haute 4 Haiti  please contact Sandra at  The American Red Cross name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual or political position. For more information about the American Red Cross, please call 1‑800 HELP NOW or email


One Word …Hectic

Life is busy life is hectic. Thats what its been like these past few weeks while working on various things as a freelancer and  with my 9-5 job.

Working on the Haute for Haiti Fashion Soirée which is taking place in 3 weeks. Trying to make sure I send out all the invites, checking on people to make sure they RSVP,  finalizing the step and repeat, etc, etc So much is going into this to make this event a success and to raise money for the people of #Haiti. We have Steve Madden as a sponsor know which is great news and we just want to make sure that everyone that should know about this event knows and shows up.

Balancing my Fulltime job with freelancing is becoming a bit much simply because my 9-5 is require much more from and I am still trying to learn and work the ropes as a freelancer. I am such things will get better. And I am still working towards getting that PR agency/firm job that I want. I think that when I do get that PR job that it maybe a bit easier because it will be within the same field so I will be able to transition between work load easier. (I say this now but let us see how this thing actually pans out)

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove ~

p.s. If you want to attend the Haute 4 Haiti event let me know I will send you the evite or if you want to add some items to the gift bags let me know. Chow

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