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AT&T History Makers 28 Days Campaign hosted by Common w/Daymond John

For Black History Month AT&T held a speakers series entitled  History Makers for their 28 Days campaign . Which was hosted by the rapper Common. The series took part in Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C, New York, with Oakland as the last stop on the 28th.

First thing, AT&T position to take an active role in celebrating Black History Month should be commended. They didn’t do a run of the mill advertisement or party. They actually planned a series of events to highlight those within the African American community that are making a difference. This a good PR strategy as well as brand building. It shows that you know you care about your market.  If you are going to make money off of a group of people giving back to them is always a good thing. For any company during Black History Month it is good to have something celebrating the achievements of African-Americans not only in the past but the present.  The fact that the events are free is another good touch. The venue choices were well picked. They were  held at prominent locations in make in each city. I attended the New York event which was held at the world-famous Apollo Theater. I fee that if companies continue the efforts

By choosing the rapper Common AT&T made a good choice. Common is not only a Grammy award-winning artist but an actor and activist with his own non-profit. For Common hosting this speakers series allows him to not only connect with his demographic but meet other who may not have

With the motto “Rethink Possible” AT&T is doing something right.

As far as the event itself goes. I attented the New York event which featured Daymond John (@TheSharkDaymond) founder of the clothing line FUBU and ABC’s The Shark Tank.

his love of hip hop helped propell his his desire. “Hip hop was something you lived”

I jotted some notes down while listening to Daymond speak. Hearing the stories of entreprenuers is always inspiring. It always allows you to learn and fine tune your plan.

“It was not your day job that will make you rich.”

“It take just as much time to think small as it does to think big.”

“Rethink possible. Re evaluate your plan”

Since Daymond considers himself a Shark, he provided some Shark tips

Set goals- read every day
Homework – Do your homework
Amore love what you do. Money is a great servant horrible master
Remember -you are a brand. Stay on course
Keep trying – failure fuels success

After the event and armed with my press pass I headed downstairs to meet and greet with Daymond and Common

Good use of social media and mobile tie-ins on press pass

There wasn’t a crazy amount of press there. I did notice that there was a good abount of local press in attendance. The press area also provided a good opportunity to network, which I am always up for.

Working the press line FUBU creator Daymond John

Common answering some questions

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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