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Ayiti Cherie (Haiti My Love) | A year of turmoil

It has been a year since my mother’s native country was devastated by an a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that impacted not only this small island but the world. Haiti is about 10,ooo sq m we can compare it to the size of Maryland an earthquake that size completely ravaged this island.
There are millions of Haitians over world. Who could have imagine such a little place could produce some many people. The month of January is a celebratory month for Haitian people. Because it was on January 1,1804 we became the first black republic to gain our independence. So for such a tragedy to hit just 11 days into a new years after such a celebration of Independence mind-boggling.

I remember coming home from work turning on the TV and seeing Haiti hit by earthquake. I’m thinking to myself “Earthquake!” Haiti doesn’t have earthquakes. Hurricanes, tropical storms blackouts, corruption, sicknesses THESE I knew happened in Haiti but not earthquakes. As the days and weeks went on and we got news of family members and family friends in Haiti. There were those who were missing for weeks,some hurt, and sadly some who passed away. We also had to deal with those family and friends who were in the states who were unable to make any contact and when they finally were found out entire families were wiped out. And as if the earthquake wasn’t enough there was a cholera outbreak. [What else could go wrong?] Haitian people are strong but I don’t know how much more they can take.

Recently it said on the news it would take Haiti 10 years to get back to where it was and even then it was the poorest nation. What a title to have. “The poorest nation”.

Every time that I’ve seen Haiti on the news it has been shown in a negative light. I’m hoping that a year recovery speeds up, that progress is made, that people don’t forget, and people keep track of the aid that was pledged to Haiti.

I know America has it own issues. But as an American born Haitian I have an obligation to be a voice to what is still going on in Haiti.


Happy Flying,
~Solo Dove~

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