Advertising week event: Terra Session

My mentor Liz Sarachek Blacker eho is the CRO of Terra is having a session for advertising week, I would be a bad mentee if I didn’t pass the information along. My mentor and her co-host did a Q&A to let you know about the event, you can read it below

Answered By: Soizic Sacrez and Liz Sarachek Blacker

Q./When is your event and Where is it located?

A./ On Thursday, Oct. 4th at 9:00-9:45 AM Liberty Theater, 234 West 42nd St (between 7th and 8th Aves — may enter on 41st across from Times Center)

Q./ What topic will this particular event be covering?

A./ Our panel is part of the Multicultural sessions of Advertising Week on Thursday morning 10/04 at the Liberty Theater. The topic of this 9am panel is about Hispanics and Multi-Screen with the session title being “A Multicultural View in a Multi-screen World: A Deep Dive into Hispanic Marketing, Mobile and Digital Strategies”

Q./ In your opinion, why is it important for people in the industry to attend Advertising Week?

A./ To learn about the latest trends, to meet other advertising executives from the industry and to step back in order to look at the big picture.

Q./ What is the main take-a-way you want for people who attend your event to hold on to?

A./ Attendees to our multicultural sessions will learn more about Hispanics and mobile/tablet usage as well as other connected devices. We will discuss how online Hispanics are fast adopters of new technologies and leading some of the digital trends. This panel takes a deep dive into the digital world from the multicultural consumer to the marketer’s point of view – taking a look at how Hispanics are connecting and using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in their daily lives.

Q./ How will this event positively effect the multicultural audience who attends?

A./ This will be a lively discussion offering a 360 degree view multi-screen world that multicultural consumers live in with top marketers, agency and industry executives will provide a 360° view of the.

Q./ Will there be networking opportunities before and after the event?

A./ Yes, there is a breakfast session prior and there are always some networking opportunities at the break between sessions.

To Learn More About This and Other Events During Advertising Week,

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