@_awny wants to pay off your student loans

As a member of AWNY I think this is great. It’s addressing the real needs of community. AWNY is celebrating our 100th Anniversary. The Education Loan Relief Awards program is here to help individuals with their student loan payments. Through this plan AWNY will present a minimum of ten deserving AWNY members who are carrying student debt with a $10,000 award toward repayment. (If debt is less than $10,000, award amount will be adjusted.)
The awards will be presented on October 4, 2012 at AWNY’s 100th Anniversary Gala at Gotham Hall. A portion of all sponsorship monies for this luncheon have been dedicated to the Education Loan Relief Awards program. The following is the criteria to apply: § AWNY Membership
§ Length of time in business
§ Proof of educational debt § Two references from current or past employers

§ An essay on why you are deserving of this award (200 words or less, please)
§ Resume

Application Deadline: August 15, 2012

Click here for the application: http://www.awny.org/pdfs/Foundation_Student_Loan_Program.pdf

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If you know of someone who is carrying student debt and is not an AWNY member, encourage them to join now and become eligible to participate in this program

Happy Flying, ~Solo Dove~

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