Academy of Art University #nyfw show

On Friday I had the chance to attend the Academy of Art University Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week show. Lincoln center was a buzz with media, celebs, and fashion lovers waiting to catch a glimpse of the latest collections. The runway featured eight women’s wear collections and one men’s wear collection from recent graduates from the Academy of Art University. How exciting that must have been for them. The designers Wu Di, Amy Bond, Xiang Zhang, Deanna Pei-Ju Lo, Donghyuk Dan Kim, Farida Khan, Kate Y.K. Lee, Jeanette Au, and Jade Juanyu Liu each brought their best pieces to the runway. Each collection grabbed the audience eye. There were so many things to see, you had ivory cashmere wool from Wu Di, wool dresses from Amy Bond, taupe pleaded sweaters from Xiang Zhang, black leather from Deanna Pei-Ju, olive wool shirt from Donghyuk Dan Kim, various wool and silk combinations from Faridna Khan, a navy leather dress from Y.K.Lee, a deep sapphire mohair/metallic dress and coat from Jeanette Au, and quartz bonded microfiber/copper fur dress with a copper fur vest. Fabric, cut, and design were on the forefront of the runway last night. Each designer offered collections with looks that made you want to incorporate them into you wardrobe.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~












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