How to make the most out of those end of the year list

The end of the year produces a lot of Top Ten list or Top 100 list. So I got to thinking  besides just reading these list and going over the memory of the past year why not use this as a media resource. Here’s what I mean.

For example, take the Top 100 list of Mom bloggers that was just released. If you work in PR or for a brand you can use this list as a media list. You have at your finger tips the most influential people in this  particular niche. You can check out their blog, see how your client or product might fit, then send over your pitch. But remember it’s about building relationships. So your introductory email to them must be one that will begin a good working relationship.

Or say you see that one of these bloggers does a lot of product reviews. What you may want to do is send over some of your product as a holiday gift. Now this must be done in good taste. Don’t be insulting and don’t blatantly come out asking for a review here is what you may want to do.

Dear (insert bloggers name)

I see that you are always on the hunt for the latest in baby toys. I wanted to send you a gift that maybe just what you’ve been missing. Here’s hoping this makes your holiday even better.

(insert extra product information and contact information)


(your name)

That’s just a quick sample, your pitch of course can be more detailed.  The reason why I said steer away from blatantly asking for a product review is that this will be the first time you’re reaching out you may want to save that for another correspondence. If you do decide to ask for a review make sure it is well written and that its following what they currently covering. Don’t pitch a product review to a media outlet or blog that did a product review 10 months ago that may not be their big area.

So go out search those top 10 list and see if you can build some new media contacts for the new year.

Oh and if you were wondering here’s the list of the top 10 mom blogs, compiled by

1. Rebecca Woolf, Girls Gone Child
2. Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess
3. Catherine Connors, Her Bad Mother
4. Heather B. Armstrong, Dooce
5. Alice Bradley, Finslippy
6. Katherine Stone, Post Partum Progress
7. Monica Bielanko, The Girl Who
8. Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman
9. Amy Corbett Storch, Amalah
10. Kate Inglis, Sweet Salty 

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

About the Author

Sandra Florent is the entertainment and non-profit publicist behind Solo Dove Public Relations. Based in New Jersey Solo Dove Public Relations provides personalized publicity, public relations, consulting, and event planning services to clients in their area of expertise. Sandra is also a media enthusiast and hard-core networker. Tumblr:

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