Curly Girl Collective Curl Crush | Naural Hair Meetup

I went to the Curly Girl Collective (CGC) Curl Crush event on Tuesday which despite the rain had a very good turn out and was much fun. CGC is new on the natural hair scene but they are already generating great interest and really fostering a community for naturals. The event included vendors, happy hour, raffles, and CGC take on speed dating (which was the theme of the evening) where naturals need a speed meet and greet with each other.   That was a creative idea that I think helped loosen people up. There was also a hashtag for the evening #curlcrush which encouarged social media integration during the event.

I was pretty excited when I found a vendor that took debit. For some reason I forget to bring cash to these events. Maybe its my subconscious telling me something. But I think I did pretty good, I only bought a pair of earrings, a tote, and two hair bows. That’s a good night if I do say so myself. The items I bought were from QuellyRue Designs. All handmade.

The event also offered the chance to meet your natural hair “gurus” from YouTube to blogs to twitter there were plenty of local celebrities on hand.  I like that the sponsors for this event did offer full size or at least travel size of their products. This is a plus because if someone really likes a product they will more than likely to go out in purchase it, compared to if you give them a small .32 oz sample that wont allow you to get a full experience of the product.

All and all I had a good time, saw some of my favorite naturals, got some style inspiration and just really enjoyed myself in a room full of kinks, coils, and curlies.

Here are some pictures from the evening enjoy!

An event with signature cocktails is always a plus

Speed meeting fellow naturals

The curly girl collective team

Group shot of the speed "curl crush" round

this has to be my favorite tote design, its janelle monae inspired

QuellyRue Designs were onsite selling handmade totes, earrings, bracelets and hairbows

Her afro is in the shape of Africa, love it

loving the blue jacket and the tote (she got the one i wanted)

haus of swag

Loving these Haus of Swag shirts

More pictures you say

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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    Where can I find the tote bags?? Love them all.

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