“Using Multicultural Insights to Drive Brand Growth” presented by Advertising Women of NY

This past week was Advertising week in New York. In celebration the Advertising Women of New York (AWNY) held their Inaugural Multicultural Event “Using Multicultural Insights to Drive Brand Growth” at the New York Times building in New York. The panel consisted of Gonzalo Del Fa, Managing Director, GroupM Multicultural and is the key person in charge of Mediacom, MEC, Mindshare and Maxus. Dan Villarroel, AVP/Integrated Marketing Director, Diversity Marketing, Maybelline and has over 15 year experience in strategic marking in the beauty industry. He was the driving force behind the growth of all Maybelline New York and Garnier brands within the U.S. Hispanic consumer market. Ola Mobolade, Managing Director, Firefly, Millward Brown  she is a recently published author of the book “Marketing to the New Minority” which explores the changing demographic landscape of America and implications to marketers. Tatiana Hansell Multicultural Marketing Manager, Unilever North America she has worked throughout Latin America. The moderator was Tanzina Vega, Media Reporter for The New York Times.

As expected the panel indeed provided good insight on the multicultural market and how not to get stuck in doing things in the same run of the mill way.

On the question on of perspectives on multicultural marketing Gonzalo touched on how must times when you mention multicultural it often times means Hispanic. Though he feels it should really represent the entire multicultural population. Daniel says doing research and bringing in different representation from the population will prove to be beneficial and Tatiana says breaking down old traditional ideas is something that is needed. This topic leads to a discussion on how markets often stick too much to segmentation markets and the whole zip code demographic breakdown. For example if there is a high population of African Americans in a specific zip marketers and advertisers tend to stick to that demographic instead of looking at the other populations of that area. Gonzalo urges everyone to go out and actually visits these places and get a visual idea of the demographic make up.

Another important topic was ROI and measuring.  The people giving the money for research want to make sure that they are getting their monies worth provided them with good data is important. When you provide good data you then use it as a framework to target your specific demographic.

Overall, the panel served as an eye opener on what work is needed to tap into the multicultural market to leverage your brand. It also reintegrated something this that I have picked up on through working in PR as well as learned in a class I took while still in school.

For more on the panel you can read my tweets. I lived blogged the event you can read those tweets over at @SoloDovePR

After the panel came the multicultural mix and mingle mixer held at the Millennium Hotel with media and agency professionals. It offered the opportunity for networking as well as meeting with recruiters who were hiring for various positions. All and all it was a fun and informative day during Ad week.


Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

About the Author

Sandra Florent is the entertainment and non-profit publicist behind Solo Dove Public Relations. Based in New Jersey Solo Dove Public Relations provides personalized publicity, public relations, consulting, and event planning services to clients in their area of expertise.  Twitter.com/solodovepr

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