Brenda Blackmon & The Kelly Fund for Lupus Christmas in July

Celebrating Christmas in July with Brenda Blackmon and her daughter Kelly

In conjunction with the Black Alumni Chapter (BAC)  of Fairleigh Dickinson University Brenda Blackmon hosted a Christmas in July event to raise money for her charity. Lupus is a personal cause for Brenda since her daughter Kelly suffers from the disease. Brenda founded Kelly Fund for Lupus to raise funds and awareness about the disease. She decided to do this event  with BAC because she loves FDU. It should be noted that Brenda is an Alum of FDU as am I. At the event Brenda also had  her new book  “A Mom’s Story” available for purchase.

I got to ask Brenda few questions during the course of the event and this is what she had to say…

Brenda with her daughter

Why Christmas in July?

Brenda: Time to get rid of stuff and make more room for blessings. Lupus is important and raising money for it is important.

What can the average person do to get involved with Lupus?

Brenda: The Kelly Fund for Lupus wants people with lupus to do clinical trails especially black people.  The goal is to educate people. Get rid of stereotypes that people have about the disease.

Brenda also shared some information on the importance of having African participate in these trials.  The drug Benlysta was almost not made due to lack of African-Americans participation  in the clinical trials.

What else have you been up to?

Brenda: Meeting with FDA Advisory Panel . Also met with the genome science program. Will also be meeting with the National Urban League. Raising as much awareness about Lupus as possible. Talking to our people.
What do you want people to know?

Brenda: It’s ok to talk about it. Lupus is a disease that is one day you can have energy and the next day you can’t get out of bed. Lupus can be misinterpreted. It not only makes the person with the disease weary but the family as well.

Brenda: God’s Got It.

Me (BAC Secretary), Brenda, & Lorren (BAC President)

Brenda's Book

To learn more please visit website

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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