Michelle O Brunch – An Entrepreneur’s Legacy

My second Michell O  Bruch was just as fun and informative as the first one that I attended. This brunch was dedicated to the entrepreneur and held at Red Rooster in Harlem. Our host was  Nicole Valentine-Moody, Esq. and featured Kate Betts, author of Everyday Icon a book that looks at the style of First Lady Michelle Obama and the substance that she brings. I even won a copy the book during a raffle.

Me w/ Author Kate Betts of Everyday Icon and Tina Wynn of The Brown Wynn Agency

Since this brunch was centered around entreprenuers  the list of  questions that we had centered around that idea. One of the questions was “What do you want your legacy to be?” Ironically this is the same question I have asked the women I’ve been interviewing for this blog.
So my answer was/is I want to be remembered for the  being a positive impact and example for the different parts of me.   When I say different parts of me I mean all that I represent. I am an only child, first generation American, member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, publicist, etc. When I die I want to be remembered as a person who helped shatter whatever negative stereotypes are associated with those things that I represent. I want to be the best representation that I can be.  I want to be an inspiration.  I want to be great.

The Red Rooster in Harlem served as the venue for this Michelle O Brunch

All of these wonderful ladies came together in various stages of their entrepreneurial journey and it was great to network with them. We enjoyed a good brunch. Hear from Author Kate Betts about what it was like writing her book Everyday Icons about First Lady Michelle Obama. Did a brief Q&A with her. We had the opportunity to speak the larger body by going over the questions that each group was given as well as doing an ask and give segment.

All and all this was another fabulous Michell O Brunch. I am looking forward to the one taking place in my home state of New Jersey

Another table shot

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

About the Author

Sandra Florent is the entertainment and non-profit publicist behind Solo Dove Public Relations. Based in New Jersey Solo Dove Public Relations provides personalized publicity, public relations, consulting, and event planning services to clients in their area of expertise.

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