@JIGroup ‘s 6th Annual Black History Month Event | Sponsored by @BlackEnterprise

Never have a been to a networking event where I had to stand online outside . But that’s what I did for the 6th Annual Black History Month event. JI Group really knows how to bring them out. This year their annual Black History Month event  served as the kick off  for the book tour “Black Faces in White Places” guest and moderator Alfred Edmond Jr., Senior Vice President/Editor-at-Large, Black Enterprise introduced the two authors Randal Pinkett and Jeffrey Robinson (all three are from New Jersey which as a Jersey native I was happy to learn)

The event  allowed from great networking opportunities. As the venue Nikki Beach was overflowing with talented people from all over.
The awards portion of the evening   started with an award to ABC News Anchor Ron Claiborn. He has been with ABC for 25 years
He spoke on how “Journalism is a  form of public service for Democracy.” It was Watergate that inspired him to be a journalist. To see how a powerful man could be brought down intrigued him. In 1977 he was the only black  person working at UPI.  He went on to speak more about his work and personal success. Something that he said that really struck me was “I survived but didn’t always a thrive.” When he said that I was thinking that is so true. Sometimes we are just existing in a situation.  We are doing just enough to keep our heads above water. He also discussed measuring ones success.  “Maybe success is being as good at what I do. The best that I can be.” -Ron Claiborn
This to me is truth. We can not measure our success on someone else’s scale, if we do we are living our lives for people and not for ourselves and true happiness.
Dr. Pinkett who most may know from Donald Trump’s NBC show “The Apprentice” who famously said “this is the apprentice not the apprenti” when Donald Trump wanted to pick two winner for that season. He reiterated the fact that you have to stand for something.   He also proved the staggering fact that a white households income is  $100k while a black households income is $19k.  He feels that the book will start a “Redefine the game campaign.” Black faces and white places provides 10 game changing strategies that can be used.

Dr. Robinson  told us all to “Be great.”  There are still so many Black First that are taking place.  Such as the first  Black neurosurgeon in a top hospital in New Jersey who happens to be a woman.  This book is a playbook Dr. Robinson said and encourages us all to get a copy.

Quotes of the evening

Dr. Pinkett: “When you have 5 degrees, you can make up the word Aprenti!” Also, “Finding a mentor is organic, you have to cultivate that relationship!”

Dr. Robinson: “If you want re-brand yourself as valuable, then do a self-assessment; ask yourself what can you bring to the table!”

Mr. Claiborne: “Do not just aspire to be a person of success but also aspire to be a person of value!”

This was a very inspiring evening and made me think of how many times have I been a black face in a white place.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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