Networking Adventures | DRINKS IN THE DISTRICT

The other night I attended a networking event  by The TEN Project, the creators of the Cocktails and Conversation media event series. It was held at Gild Hall a fabulous hotel in the financial district. I particularly liked this event because it started at 7pm. My commute from work to the city can be quite hectic so if an event starts a little later it works best for me. There is nothing worst than getting to an event and most of the people have already left.

I received two invites to this particular event, so I took it as a sign that I should attend. Typically the TEN Project events are geared toward more media professionals but this time around they opened it up to those who are working in the business industry. But there were still ample amounts of media folks at this event. As with any networking event I have a plan in mind. I think most people should have plan even if it’s just ” I want to have a good time a meet a few people” or “I want to collect 10 business cards”Usually what I will do is make a point to introduce myself to the host of the event. I will use that conversation as an ice breaker to speak to others in attendance. Friends of the host are also a good place to start.

As far as the Drinks in the District goes there was a great crowd of people, some of whom I knew already which was a plus.  The venue was lovely and allowed you walk around or even sit and talk with some new people. Now after every good networking event its time to the post event routine of emailing the contacts that you made. I did a previous ( which you can read here that talks about putting those business cards to use.

I met some really nice people, including other publicist, some TV folks who work for the Today Show and CBS, bloggers, photo editors and the like. It was a good night of networking in the city I’m glad I went.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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