Book Review | The Little Black Book of Success Laws of Leadership For Black Women

Always have a plan of action and follow through

On my quest to increase my reading habits I have picked up a few books from Barnes and Noble. My December read was this book here “The Little Black Book of Success Laws of Leadership For Black Women”

Even with the title I would recommend this book to males as I think it would provide them with some valuable insight . For me the book started off a little slow with the information being provided. The beginning was more so filled with common sense advice. But as the chapters progressed I felt the topics discussed were more relevant.

There were a few chapters that I particularly enjoyed reading

Chapter 13 Communicate Clearly in Person and on paper,  Chapter  17 Seek guidance and support, Chapter 18 surrond your self with the right people

Now there was one chapter that when I saw the title I was taken aback.

Chapter 22 The values you were raised with in church aren’t always valued in business

Some very good points were made in this chapter and I think it this is a topic very relevant to black women. This is also why I recommend this book because it really does touch on those issues facing Black Women who want to be leaders or already in a leadership position. Overall, this was a good read and should be a book added to ones bookshelf.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~


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