The Entertainment Scence | A FAB Network Event

This past Wednesday I attended a networking/professional event put on by the FAB Network. [ FAB stands for Fashion Arts Beauty] I met the creator of the FAB Network J.Styles at the Suzi Chin fashion preview a few months ago. This event entitled “The Entertainment Scene” was something that I didn’t want to pass up.  It was held at the The Royalton Hotel on West 44th.

This event offered the chance to get some insight on the entertainment industry. We were able to ask questions and when the formal session was over we headed up to the bar area for a bit more social networking. What I liked was we broke off into groups and each speaker stopped by a table to speak with group members. There was one question set up on the table that the speaker had to answer. My group ironically was filled with aspiring publicist or current publicist.

Our speakers where Power 105.1 radio personality, writer, and producer Kim Kane, Publicist Ester Tejeda, Producer Tiffany Jackman, and Singer Sarah Rayani.

Publicist Ester was the first to our group. She talked about her begins and her current position as Publicist for the “Ace of Spades” champagne brand. I have to say I was intrigued about PR within the food and beverage/ wine and spirits industry prior to meeting Ester but after her talk I think I may look into it a little more.  She talked about how she realized “you don’t have to hate what you do” that was a sentiment that resonated with everyone in my group.

Kim Kane was the second one to stop by our group. I found out that she was a native Alaskan. Kim originally wanted to go into TV news. She was so personable, and talked about how she wanted to be a resource for us. I asked her did she always want to be in entertainment “its my passion” she replied. She also remarked on how innovative our generation is and I have to say I couldn’t agree more.

Our last speaker Tiffany who let us know that she got her position with Grey Worldwide after interning for them over the summer. {if we all could be so lucky} she has been with them for four years.  She’s even done commercials for CoverGirl, Downy, Advil, & Pantene. She talked about her experiences and how at her current position she works under several different executive producers which allows her to learn more. Tiffany was also very opening to answering our questions and said that she always knew she wanted to go into media. “I made my first film at age 12.”

I have to say “The Entertainment Scene” was well worth my trek to the city.

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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