Do you know who your cheerleaders are?

It’s always good to know who are your supporters and cheerleaders.  I recently finished reading  The Little Black Book of Success Laws of Leadership For Black Women – which I probably should write a review on, and it stated how you need to identify the people who are in your corner. In chapter 18 entitled Surround yourself w/the right people: You cannot live in isolation . It gives you the run down of why you should be in the company of good people and have people in your corner that serve various purposes. Someone who is your cheerleader for example that will cheer you on even when you see no end in sight. Also these people don’t necessarily have to be within the same industry as yourself.

I am happy to have such a person in my corner. Every time we get together for one of our good power talk sessions we both leave refreshed and ready to tackle the world for yet another day. Plus I get to be a semi foodie when he is around. You may not find a support system with a group of individuals but you should have someone. Someone who will cheer you own, support you endeavor, offer up sound advice, or just be an ear to your venting.

There are not many people who I can speak openly with about business and personal life without fear of them thinking my ideas are outlandish. You are the company you keep and I have to say I’m keeping only good company around.

As I mentioned I get to be a semi-foodie when we have our power talks [he’s the professional foodie] so check out the pictures from our latest adventure.

Sweet potato


Spicy Corn

The Roasted Chicken Rosemary w/ chicken sauce


The Roasted Chicken Rosemary, well seasoned


Such a lovely drink

Pineapple Upside Down w/grand mariner vanilla vodka and pineapple juice

Chocolate Chip Cupcake

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

  1. I Loved This! I am your #1 “CheerMan” lol and you are mines. I’m inspired again and relieved of stresses after our convos. We both have outlandish ideas and I appreciate when its not a good idea, we can be honest with each other. Love Ya Flo! We Flyin To The TOP! 🙂

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