I’m a Digital Diva

Last Monday of 2010 I attended the Digital Divas holiday get together at the lovely Armani/Ristorante on Fifth Ave. {Why am I just finding out Armani has a restaurant?}

Outside the Armani Store on 5th Ave

This was my first event and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself. I loved the venue it provided ample space to meet and great as well as grab an after work drink.  The event provided the chance to meet a number of women who work in the digital field or have incorporated the digital arena in their work.

I actually got to the event somewhat on time, factoring my commute from New Jersey I was quite ecstatic. Being on time offer me the opportunity to really sit and talk to the women that were already there. Chatting with the women at my table was quite fun and we had several laughs as we got to know one another. As more women showed up I worked the room and took the time to meet the other women in attendance.

My business card collection grew by collected 15 that night. I must mention the people who I spoke with that had run out of business cards. For those that ran out of cards I made sure I found another way to get their information.

Overall the Digital Diva event provided me with the chance to meet  fun and smart  women which is always a plus.



About Digital Divas

The Digital Divas is an organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of women in the digital advertising and marketing arena through networking opportunities and events.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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