You got the press pass, now what?


What do I do with these after the events are over

While trying to get organized over the last week. I noticed that I have a few of these press passes. The purpose of the press pass is to allow press access to certain areas. It allows you to conduct interviews, take pictures, even access backstage areas. Now some events you don’t get a press pass they just sign your name off the list and you are allowed entrance to the event. Having a press pass allows the press to be easily identifiable  during an event.

I don’t have nearly as many press passes as a season PR pro or other media personalities but I was just wondering what do I do with the passes now that the event is over? Are they redeemable for some type of PR points? Can you recycle them? I was just wondering. Having them allows me to remember the events that I have attended. I kind of review in  my head the good and bad of the events. It also serves as a reminder for when I do my own events. You learn a couple of do’s and don’t’s when you go through the process of getting a press pass.

For now I’ve decided to  hang my passes up on my door knob. I think this is safe place and is a daily reminder of where I’ve been. Where do you keep your press passes?

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~



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