Black Friday | I survived with money to spare

I am not your hardcore “Black Friday” shopper.  I try not to fall into the hype and spin of it all and focus on what it is that I want and need and will it be on sale. This year after reviewing the sales in store an online I decided that most of my shopping will be done online. For one thing I was not in the mood for the crowds and it was raining so crowds + rain = bad combination.

So like any good publicist I researched, read reviews, and asked questions to find out where the best deals where. I wanted to get some items that would help with the building of my home office. So I purchased and all in one printer by Epson.  I really wanted to get the wireless all in one printer by Canon but it was already sold out online.

I also purchased a new phone, I decided to go with an Android and see what all the hype was about. By purchasing a new phone I was shocked to learn about a hidden fee that I was being charged but I will get to that in another post.

I even did some online clothes shopping. The professional attire is needed. I did venture out the malls but I went later in the day to avoid the crowds. I picked up a few items and tried hard to stay within budget.

One of my favorite purchases where these all black heels. There’s nothing  like a good shoe and from attending various events you need a good shoe to compliment your outfit. So when I saw these I knew I had to get them, aren’t they cute?



My new BCBG heels

All and all black Friday went off without a hitch.  I avoided getting trampled or waiting in ridiculously long lines . Hope you all enjoyed your Black Friday shopping.







Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~


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