Conversation with Ntozake Shange | 13th Annual African American Women in Cinema Film Festival

During the last day of the African-American Women in Cinema film festival I was able to interview Ntozake Shange. She is the original creator of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf , which was recently adapted by Tyler Perry.

Th evening started off with “Conversation with Ntozake” moderated by Felicia Lee of the New York Times. Many were surprised at how candid Ntozake answered the questions. Of course there were the Tyler Perry questions. As for the adaptation she said she liked about 85% of it and that it lacked the love the original had but the current “For Colored Girls” is Tyler Perry’s interpretation. She spoke of her first meeting of Tyler and wanting to do a Broadway production of “For Colored Girls”. Unfortunately, Tyler didn’t know who Ms. Shange was and turned her down. WOW!  But someone did inform Tyler of who Ntozake was and then begin the conversation of making “For Colored Girls” the movie.

After the conversation portion we were treated to the original production of “For Colored Girls” which was originally aired on PBS. The original cast members included Ntozake Shange, Lynn Whitfield, and Alfre Woodard.


After the screening  it was interview time with Ms. Shange.  I had wonderful opportunity to sit down and ask a few questions. The bad part was I was the last to go so I had to be quick.  Did you know that Ntozake was born in New Jersey? When I found out she was a fellow New Jerseyans it made me want to learn even more about her, check out the interview link sorry for the bad lighting.


Photo Op with Ntozake Shange

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

  1. November 17th, 2011

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