How hard is it to BCC?

Email mishaps happen. From misspellings, missing attachments, or even emailing the wrong person. But there is one email mishap that we are all to familiar with and this is the important BCC. BCC is a Blind Carbon Copy. It provides a way of addressing messages to more than one person so that everyone’s address is not displayed for all to see.  Unfortunately BCC mishaps happen and over the past few weeks I’ve received a few. What bothered me was these we extensive list that people where sending out how did you forget to BCC?

But the root of my issue and what I am trying to figure out are a couple of things.

#1 what is the proper etiquette to the sender of the BCC mishap do you inform them that they forgot to do it correctly?

– I actually have done this twice. Other times I say nothing. I’m not saying its right it’s just what I did.

#2 What do you do with all these contacts that you have at your disposal?

– As publicist having contacts are a necessity. Sometimes we don’t have the contacts that we need so a misguided BCC could be the ticket you need to the contact you have been trying to get.  Call me an opportunist but this mishap could be a blessing for you.  I at least look at the emails in the list and see who else it was sent to, I think other should do the same [if they aren’t already doing so].

CAUTION: I wouldn’t blindly go emailing people. But wait about a week or two and send an introductory email. I don’t see the harm in that. [Is this the proper etiquette?] You can also take the light-hearted approach and email your desired contact a joke about the mishap and say that it was a reason you two were being sent that particular email so you already have something in common. You can move the conversation on from there.  I would not start pitching  your newly acquired contacts or adding them to your mailing list. That  is a big don’t.

You must handle a BCC mishap with care but whatever you do don’t let it happen again.


Don't let this happen to you

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

  1. Dear Solo Dove,

    I loved your post. It is certainly an issue that we cringe when it happens to us.

    In response to your question, #1 what is the proper etiquette to the sender of the BCC mishap do you inform them that they forgot to do it correctly?, it depends on your relationship with the sender. If the sender is a family member, friend, or close business associate, it is appropriate to send a kind, non-judgmental, note sharing with them the fact that you would appreciate them using the BCC next time in order to keep your email confidential. More than likely, they will appreciate your honesty, and the fact that you saved them from losing contacts simply because of a CC versus BCC. If the sender is a new relationship, you should probably let the first offense pass quietly. If it happens a second time, it would be appropriate for you to send the kind, non-judgmental, note requesting that they use BCC.

    Communication is a learning process for all of us. Thanks again for the great post. Hopefully, this helps!


    • Thanks for the input Linda, glad you enjoyed the post. I think your answer to #1 was really and it does depend on the sender as to how you respond.

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