The film screening that wasn’t

The film that was supposed to screen

Last friday I attend  The NY Film Exposure Network (NYFEN) screening for the film “Broken Clouds”. It also was an event to benefit Children of our Villages – a non-profit that contributes to the empowerment and education of dis-advantaged children around the world affected by HIV/AIDS.  I was invited to attend the event after meeting one of the members  Amore at a networking a few weeks prior.

The only thing is event was that the film didn’t get screened because something went wrong with the sound system. (NIGHTMARE)

But they do have a film screening scheduled in Newark where the film was shot so I will try to make it out to that event.


I felt bad because I know how it is to put on an event and not have it go the way you want it especially if there is really nothing you can do about the situation. Besides the screening that wasn’t this was a good networking event.  I had the chance to meet several people who work within the entertainment industry as actors,actress, directors, screenwriters. For some reason I have been attending those types of events lately. It’s good to branch out I feel.  So I took a few quick pictures networked and headed back to Jersey.



Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~


NYFEN Event at Room Service NYC


Ready to go

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