Launch of the Y Not Panty Line | Lingerie New York

The Seven Bar Foundation provides microfinance loans through luxury cause marketing partnerships and annual lingerie shows.  I attended this years  Lingerie New York show which happened to be the launch of the Y Not Panty Line created by Renata Black. She said she was inspired to create the line after a conversation with Deepak Chopra.
Aerial acrobatics were used to officially  launch this new line of panty. I think what a great idea. If you are able do acrobatics in this underwear wearing them throughout the day should be a breeze.
For this product lauch the concept was unique and it caused people to pay attention.
It also sparked in me the idea that you really need to think of your audience and what will grab their attention. I was reminded me that you have to be creative a take a little risk.
Happy Flying,
~Solo Dove~


I need to learn to do this

Splits in mid air.. they are not wearing any saftey gear

This is how they lauched the new "Y Not" Panty Line with a AERIAL ACROBATIC Show

This is how you lauch a new product.. Up in the air

My fave part of the performance

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