“Empowering women on a g-string rather than a shoe-string.”

 On Thursday night my clients and I had the pleasure to attend a very unique charity at Cipriani’s in NYC. “Empowering women on a g-string rather than a shoe-string” is what Lingerie New York is all about. Armed with this we were able to cover this great event for the Seven Bar Foundation. What the foundation does is provide microloans to women business owners or those that want to start a business. A great cause don’t you think? One of the host  of Realbeautyrealwomen.com (my client) celebrity hairstylist George Ortiz served as lead hair stylist  for the event and interviews on of the host Sophia Vergara. Seven Bar aims to do fundraiser for charity different hence the lingerie fashion show. Well not just a fashion show. They showcased some of the top couture and luxury lingerie. That night we were treated to the designs of Atsuko Kudo who does latex clothes and lingerie  and Carine Gilson. Also Hennessy Black sponsored the event and had an upcoming designer showcase her custom pieces which was modeled by Veronica Webb.

One thing that really stood out to me besides the fashion was that the press covering the event also included spanish speaking press. I  think this is due to the fact that  Renata Black the creator of  the event and co host Sofia Vergara are Columbian. Having the spanish speaking press there in my eyes was great. You get a target segment of the population, you expose them to an event  in their language which will reduce the risk of things getting lost translation, and they are able to cover the event in a way that their audience grasp. All and all this was a great event and they raised  much-needed funds to help these female business owners.

Happy Flying
~Solo Dove~
::check out some pictures of the event::

Client doing interviews

Real Housewives of NY

Real Housewives of NYC

Sofia Vergara, she one of the host for the evening events

Our wonderful and gracious host for the evening

Lingere from Carine Gilson

You could either watch the screen or the runway

I love the little cap

The final walk through of Carine Gilson lingerie

More pictures from RealBeautyRealWomen.com



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