What were you doing on 10/10/10 I was at Evolution of Curves Fashion Show

pretty shoes


On 10/10/10 I attended a full-figured fashion show with my client ( realbeautyrealwomen.com) it was a charity show to benefit Haiti where the proceeds go to building homes in Haiti. Haiti has a special place in my heart since my mom is from Haiti, I’ve visited the county a few times, and still have family there. So I try to support causes that are directing helping with the rebuilding efforts. The organization Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation is the one that will be rebuilding the homes.   I think this has been my 3rd or 4th event towards helping with Haiti. Another thing that attracted me to covering this event was that it was for full-figured women. So I was hoping I might spy with my eyes something that I could incorporate within my wardrobe. And I have to say the event did not disappoint I was happy to see styles that were not just bigger versions of skinny clothes but actually clothing designed for the full figured women.  Designers included Faith 21 by Forever 21, Arturo
Rios, My Hunney by Sheena Turner, Sandy Jean Philippe’s Majestic Couture, Lotis Clothing and Jessica Pritchett Shoes. Also the store Re/Dress showed some nice items. I think I may have to pay them a visit. They was a bevy of plus size models present old and new. As well as the creator of Full Figured Fashion Week.

My camera dies so I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted but here are the few that I have. My client did some really go interviews that will be up on the site once they are edited. I also got to interview Haitian full-figured model Joanne Borgella.

I had a good time and network with some good people. My night was a success.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~




face off


Host Joanne Borgella singer, songwriter, actress, jewelry designer & Wilhelmina model



“Evolution Dancers”



some beautiful styles



{re/dress } I really like the white and blue dress



Never thought I'd like a pink skirt

more shoes on the runway




Fashionable Hats








I think this would be a wedding day hat



check out this hat




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