First Ever New Jersey Fashion Week

New Jersey Fashion week starts today and my client pretty much as all access to cover the show and the behind the scenes excitement.

This is New Jerseys first ever fashion week so I am hoping that everything goes well and it becomes a staple for the Garden State. Since New Jersey pretty much divides itself into two parts North and South [ it’s really three when you include central jersey but we don’t so] I am trying to see if there will be regional style influence. Our state is diverse when it comes to fashion north jersey is often influence more by New York while south jersey by Philadelphia yet New Jersey still has  it own uniqueness.

I’m hoping this event will bring some positive press to the Garden State and allow us to stand on our own and not be in the shadow New York or Philadelphia. We are all not Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Sopronoas, or whatever sterotypical Jersey thought you have.

Also with New York fashion week  there was ample opportunities to network, and I am thinking the same will be true of New Jersey fashion week. I want to see who shows up, will there be any celebrity citings?

Long live fashion.

Here’s the website:

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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