Networking Adventures

“It’s all about who you know.”

I’m sure many people have heard that phrase. That is why I try to attend a few networking events a month to expand my circle and extend my reach. A good publicist need to have contacts and build relationships with those contacts. So on Monday I attended the First Monday networking event sponsored by MBE. This was my second time attending their event, and this was the second time that it rained. I’m not sure what to make of that but I had my umbrella and I jacket so I was fine. The event was help at the Veranda [ which I have been to for Olivia album showcase] I enjoyed my time at this event I met some ladies from Essence Magazine, a few lawyers, a film producer, and a young lady who started her own non-profit organization for teens. So I collected some business cards, met some new people, and enjoyed the happy hour drinks.


On Wednesday I went to an event that when I got the invite I was quite pleased. It was for New Jersey’s Network of Young Professionals (NJNYP). It was their first networking mixer and they had a really nice turnout.  I was interested in attending this mixer mainly because it was based around New Jersey. Even though I am from Jersey many of the [networking] events that I go to are in New York so a group that targets New Jerseyeans and are held in New Jersey peaked my interest. I had a good time I saw a few of my sorority sisters there and they helped to introduce me to a few people. Also the president of NJNYP is an alum of my alma mater so we chatted it up early in the evening and he also introduced me to some people who were there.  With the NJNYP they have somewhat of a political push they want you to be aware and be involved with your government particularly your local government. Because of that attendees included councilman from Newark, Roselle, and the Mayor [of my town]Irvington.

With all of my networking adventures I try to set a goal of how many people I want to talk to and or how many business cards I want to collect. I try to find creative ways to break the ice when starting a conversation with someone I’ve just met, and I just do what I do best and that is be myself.  I also do my best to email the people who I’ve met within a day or two.

I had two good nights of networking and hoping to make some good long-term connections.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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