“WHEN BRUISE’S SPEAK” | Domestic Violence Awareness Month Play


She couldn't take it any more



This past Saturday  the Heart of Hannah Women’s Center presented  “WHEN BRUISE’S SPEAK” a stage play in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month at the  Center City Art Gallery Center City Mall Paterson New Jersey

The money raised  supported the opening of  their Reunification Home for Women & Children

I have to say this play really hit a lot of different aspects of domestic violence. From the wife who couldn’t take it anymore and kills her husband. To the adult that finally tells her grandmother what her grandfather used to do to her as a child. To the girlfriend that tries to leave but keeps coming back until sadly her life is taken. The women in the play did monologues of their “bruises speaking”  Each scene hit a nerve and made you think “Is someone in my life being effected by domestic violence?”

My client was there filming the play and interviewing the writer and the actors in the play. She also got interviewed by some of the press that was there. So it was a win win situation.  Since domestic violence is something that my client is passionate about we make a heavy push to make people aware that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. And we are going to screen her documentary “Not In My Backyard” at a few venues.  I have a feeling October is going to be a busy month.


Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

Client getting interviewed



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