The Dreaded Contract Negotiation


Why are contract a headache?

No matter the industry this 8 letter word can cause some much dreaded tension. In PR when you are in talks with a new client or working out something with an old client contract talks can be tedious and seem as an attack on you PR services.

” Why is this here?” “Why are you charging for that?” ” I don’t need all of that.”

Some people think PR should be free or dirt cheap so they bring this mentality to the contract negotiation table. This why it is extremely important to ask before hand what your clients PR budget is. Knowing the budget allows you to gage how much to charge the client for the services This will help avoid  some stress further down the line. From the budget you can work out what the contract agreement will be.

Now when it comes to the contract the wording, terms of service need to be clearly written. This is a legal binding document. You  don’t want to just have a contract that is to simple where there is so much stuff left out that you really don’t know what your job it and you don’t want a contract that is so detailed that there isn’t any room for change.

I am actually seeking advice on how to write  a better contract.  I feel that its always good to see how you can make things better. You never know what you maybe missing.

The ideal contract situation both parties look over and review the contract minimal changes. Everyone signs on the dotted line and the PR services can start/resume. But things don’t always work that way so it important to go into the contract negations phase prepared to take a little more time.

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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