Last Fashion Week Show Jeantrix

My last stop on my fashion week rounds was the Jeantrix presentation.
Once again  I got the invite from my friend Felipe G.  He was doing alot for Fashion Week.  


It was held at La Pomme.  With my luck I was actually some what on time for the show and it started late. Real late. But I used the time to mix and mingle. Have a drink and talk to the media that was there. Oh and they had cupcakes so I had to partake of some of those too.

Love the invite

When the show finally started my camera battery died. YIKES. So I had to use my phone to take some pictures. I had to make due. Now these are not piece that you can wear down the street. But being that I was in NY I am sure some will try. These are more avant-garde/costume piece. Still very nice and they have that wow factor. You can look and maybe inspired to add something from a piece to your wardrobe. This was a nice finish to fashion week. So here are some pictures.
Happy Flying
~Solo Dove~



This is not your ready to wear outfit

Is that a skull on his jacket.. why yes yes it is



Black w/spikes


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