Triple Fat Goose Fashion Show

Had the pleasure to attend the Triple Fat Goose show at Pier 59 at Chelsea Pier during fashion week. My client was covering the event so that was the plus. We were set up to do some interviews and cover the actual fashion show. My client landed a really good  interview with  Sway from MTV.  I also had the chance to do a few interviews myself. I interviews an up and coming R&B singer as well as Diplomats own Freeky Zekey and Sen City. That was a cool interview. Can’t wait till  the video is edited and put up.

I also met   Ralph McDaniels super cool.

If you haven’t attended and New York Fashion Week Show/Event it is definitely something that you must do. One day I want to attend fashion week in London or something that would be a great compare and contrast.

As usual I met some people who I know such as Carolyn who is a talent manager she actually came and spoke at the World Peace Beings at Home event I had over the summer for domestic violence.  She’s pretty cool.


Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~


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