Two More Fashion Week Stops

On Saturday September 11 besides everyone remembering the tragic events that took place 9 years ago Fashion Week was still in heavy swing. I was wondering if any places were adding any 9/11 pieces to their show or a moment of silence. I haven’t seen or heard of any. I think that may have been something to add.
Saturday I did two stops #1 was La Vie for the SB Shades show and #2 was Columbus Circle for the Jose Duran show.
And I have to say I clearly must have forgotten to take picture because I have none.  Well I was late for the SB Shades show but I managed to sneak some pictures of me and some of the guest (who I have spotted at many of the shows I was attending)
I was late to the SB Shades show so that’s why there aren’t any pictures of that and I clearly forget to take pictures as the Jose show. What I have to say about how I got invited to these two shows were my connections. I know the manager from the SB Shades show from a previous event (Haute 4 Haiti) and we have stayed in contact. For the Jose Duran show I was sent the invite from someone who I actually meet at a blogger gathering. We’ve stayed in contact for bit. I’ve invited her to somethings as well. So it was pretty cool to get an invite. And what I did was wait for her after the show just to tell her thank you for the invite. I thought that would be a nice touch and show that I appreciated the invite since it was a private show.
After the Jose Duran show I saw one of friends that I actually met a while ago at a media bistro event and we’ve been in contact ever since. She works for Honey Magazine and has her own pretty successful blog. We caught a bite to eat after the show. That is another thing about fashion week it will starve you and make your feet hurt.
All and all Saturday was a good night. But that ride back home was a nightmare. It took forever to get home. Fashion Week has also taught me that NY and NJ are not as close as you think sometimes especially when traffic is involved.
Here are the few pictures that I did remember to take.
Happy Flying,
~Solo Dove~

Kim Owner of FSL Cosmetic and I


Carnegie PR and Solo Dove PR


Khaliah Clark (celeb stylist) and I

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