My Sunday Fashion Week Soiree

This past Sunday I went to the FSL Cosmetics/B. Artise event at Honey Lounge in NYC.
 Both lines are eco-friendly. I know the owner of FSL (Kim)  and I have to say a line of natural lip glosses and lips sticks that actually look and smell good is a plus. Products were avaiable for sale and you were able to try on the different shades. The fashion show was really nice though I think I may have missed portions of it. It looks like they did pop up fashion show throughout the evening.  And with any event that I go to I “worked” the room to find out who was there. I met one of my twitter followers while I was there which was cool. She used to model for the designer.
I met another publicist who is based out of NJ so we have to do lunch and chat it up. I meet /know very few PR people from Jersey let alone someone who is around my age and is also on the track to building their PR career.
I met a fellow FDU alum which makes the second person I’ve met during Fashion Week from my alma mater (pretty cool). She has her own magazine has experience in branding and marketing so she will be a great contact to have. She is also from NJ and I sure we will be in contact.
I also met a few of the media that was there. Collected some business cards. Chatted some people up and really just enjoyed my time there.
Here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy.
Happy Flying,
~Solo Dove~

FSL Cosmetics/B. Artise Show Some of the FSL LineGroup shot after the interview with abiolatv




Creator of FSL Some looks from the fashion show

The back view



B. Artise and models

FSL group shot

Life as a Publicist

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