Where to start? I think Im in love with Fashion Week

I really like this bag

New York City Fashion week is moving full pace I am trying to keep up. Let me give you a run down

Sept 9th The Laureluxe Red Carpet Fashion show

Sept 10th FNO @ the Wagon

Sept 10th Cover Girl Event

Sept 11th Jose Ducan Show

Sept 11th Stevi Boi Show

Sept 12th FSL Cosmetics and B.Atrise Show

Sept 13th Triple Fat Goose Show

Sept 13th Sabit Show

Sept 16th Jeantrix show

Whew that’s a lot and as you can see there are days where there are two event and I try to make it to both. Also lets not forget I still have my full-time 9-5 plus other things that I have to do for my clients. Now I don’t only go to these events for the Fashion but to meet the media that is covering these events and build relationships with them.

One of the things I was most excited for  was this past Friday my client was able to attend and cover the COVER GIRLS FOR CHANGE: NYC MODELS REUNION AND CHARITY EVENT for Red Light Children. They did a few great interviews and met some great people. It’s always good when you can land something that falls right into what your client wants.

Below are some pictures from Fashion’s Night Out at The Wagon we had a special performance by Jussie Smollett ( it was a pleasure working with his PR team I must say)

Jussie and Crew

Photo op in front of The Wagon in BK

Fade to Black Collection by B. Marie

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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