Make your Smartphone smarter w/ these Drive-By Apps


On homepage they have an article about the latest must-have smartphone applications for drivers and I must say I think I need to look into a few of them.

 Since I am based in New Jersey and travel back and forth between NJ and NY so parking and driving are always an issue unless I opt to take the train into the city.  The key things in article that I would probably look into are the apps for


You can try Inrix Traffic or Trapster both of which are free


 {There are fees for both} AccuFuel or greenMeter

 PARKING {This has to be my favorite one parking in NYC  is a nightmare so these apps will be a time saver, most major cities have a parking problem } 

 {There are fees these } PrimoSpot Parking, Parking Meter, and Car Finder

They had other for DIAGNOSTICS and RIDE SHARING but I wasn’t to interested in those.

I think these apps will be helpful to everyone especially me the freelancer who is always driving around. They can help in clutch situations when you are running late or really unfamilar with where you are.

You can check the link and learn more about these apps.

Happy Flying,

~ Solo Dove ~

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