She’s here to SHOW THE WORLD.. Recording Artist Olivia Album Showcase

Last night at Veranda in NYC I attended singer Olivia’s showcase. Now before I get to the show I have to tell you my ordeal to get there as Veranda is on 7th ave I thought I knew where to get off at and walk to the venue. Come to find out it’s on South 7th Ave completely different. So after 2 Cab rides and a 3 block walk I made it. Then it was the infamous “wait in line till we can find your name on the list” bit. This was followed by having to sign releases because Olivia was filming her VH1 reality show at the venue (who doesn’t have a reality show these days, me that’s who)

The show is titled Love and Hip Hop and is show to have many quest appearances as I spotted “What Chilli Wants” star Tionna Smalls in the crowd as well.

After doing those necessary steps finally entered the venue which was nice a little small for my liking but nice set up and simple. They had a little VIP couch off to the side. They had a live band set up too.

Now when its time for Olivia to perform her intro is a recording of Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex saying that Olivia is finished her next album is going to be trash etc. I think this took the crowd by shock. I thought it was genius you show people this is the negativity that I have to deal with and I am here to prove you wrong.

I had never seen Olivia perform live before and she definitely put on a show. She can sing live, her voice is great ( a little squeaky here and there) but overall she did great and her live band was on point. She performed songs off her upcoming album many were up tempo like the song she has with Sean Kingston. She as a song with Missy Elliott that’s more of a ballad.

She also hit on how she was rebranding herself (that’s a good publicist term there) which is a good idea, its something that will help her in the long run.

All in all good evening of music and networking.

Here are some of the pictures from the evening

toccara jones

Vaughn Anthony (John Legend's lil' brother) and Olivia

Smiling for the cameras


Everybody sing along

I also interviewed Olivia  you can check interview below:


I  asked Olivia what makes her a Real Beauty, she stated ” Vaseline and a ponytail.” “Just putting some vaseline on my lips & hair in a ponytail then walking out the door.” Clearly Olivia likes to keep things simple throughout the day. ” I like to hop out the bed and go.” She also explained how often times when you are low-key that’s when guys will try to talk to you.

She does make a good point how many times have you walked down the street and you are a little dressed down is when you will get approached by the cute guy.

heartfelt performance

When it comes to community services Olivia has a few things that she does to give back. ” I help the kids in Rosedale by giving them book bags, school supplies and uniforms, many can’t afford  new supplies.”

Also anything dealing with sports, I have a program for children ages 9-12 and other for those age 16, most people don’t know I played basketball up to high school.”   “Another thing that I am involved in is helping those with cerebral palsy.”

What makes Olivia different from other females singers that are out is she knows what her role is. ” I’m a real singer with real emotions, when you see me crying up there those are real tears, I don’t need to OD on the dance moves and dancers.” I had to chuckle at that last part. She continues  “I have God-given talent, there is nothing that I love more than making people happy”

I could tell that Olivia was sincere in her answers. This being my first time seeing her perform live I have to say she was a pleasant surprise. The last thing Olivia said was that it was good to be accepted by her peers and see people enjoying her music. Her new CD is titled “SHOW THE WORLD” and if last night is any indication Olivia definitely started off on the right foot.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

About the Author

 Sandra Florent is the entertainment and non-profit publicist behind Solo Dove Public Relations. Based in New Jersey Solo Dove Public Relations provides personalized publicity, public relations, consulting, and event planning services to clients in their area of expertise.

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