Taste of Haiti – Artists and Their Brushes | September 23,2010

August 18, 2010
Press Contact:
Sandra Florent
Taste of Haiti – Artists and Their Brushes
The Caribbean American Network Helps Haitian Artists Affected by The Earthquake
The purpose of this event is to raise funding to purchase art supplies (brushes, easels, paint, and canvases), and directly donate them to the Haitian artists whose ability to create art has been hindered due to the earthquake. The ultimate goal is to re-instill inspiration, foster crea-tivity, and to give the World a lasting taste of the rich, artistic culture of Haiti.
The Caribbean American Network will garner support from across the board to make this event a true success. Featured artists for the evening will include C. Mona Haigler and Jn-Claude Legagneur, as well as a stunning musical performance courtesy of Maryse Coulanges. The suggested donation for the event is $50, which will be used to purchase the art supplies that will be given directly to Haitian artists.
320 West 37th Street 4th Fl, New York, NY 10018
New York, NY August 18, 2010: On Thursday, September 23, 2010, The Caribbean American Network, Inc. in collaboration with Billionaire Girls Club, Inc., will host an enchanting art exhibition entitled Taste of Haiti: Artists and their Brushes. Taking place at the lavish 320 Studios NYC, this event will be geared toward the preservation of Haitian artistry that has been affected by the January 2010 Haiti earthquake.
With years of unwavering commitment to uplifting the people of the Caribbean, especially the Haitian community, the Caribbean American Network, Inc will prove that art, coupled with philanthropy, can overcome even the biggest of disasters. We hope to see you at Taste of Haiti: Artists and their Brushes – a historic milestone on the road toward the cultural re-building of Haiti.
For sponsorship inquiries contact Victoria Paul-Edouard, BGC Inc., (E) vpauledouard@gmail.com
Please visit our websites: http://www.canusa.org, http://www.rockbgc.com
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