There has to be balance

In this fast past world of PR you have to be ready for anything. Trying to balance freelance with your personal life can be tough. As I gain new clients and work my full-time job and still try to make room for friend and family the phrase “not enough hours in a day” becomes far to real.

On my off days from my 9-5 are when I can pretty much devote the day to all things PR and fun. I really enjoy my days off.  It makes me long for the day when I am able to do PR full-time. Either by having enough freelance clients or having a position at a PR firm or agency.

What I’ve noticed and I am sure others have as well is when I’m at my 9-5 the time creeps but when I am home emailing, pitching, conferencing calling the time flies by and it seems like I never got as much as I thought I could done. (there maybe a little work-a-holic in that previous statement)

There are only 4 more months left in 2010 (can you believe it?)   I am just trying to finish on a high note.  January 2010 will make it 1  full year since Solo Dove Public Relations came into existence and I started on my journey to be a publicist.

I am an just working on getting better.

I am just trying to find that work/life balance so I don’t burn myself out.

For me organization is the key and I need to stay diligent.  Which I will….

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

  1. You are doing a great job and all your clients are lucky to have you

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