Hello August

Another world wind week in the life of a freelancer. I have been contacted for  many different proposals I can’t keep up. In the world of freelance you can have some slow weeks/month and some fast ones. If the first week is any indicator August is going to turn out to be quite a good month and lead to me finishing out 2010 with a bang.

In the span of two days I meet three of my Fraternity brothers who I could network with. One owns a magazine and the other is a MC.  I found it to be a weird coincidence but I am happy to have met them and hope we can help each other out. I know you’re saying that’s only two, I’ll tell you about the third in a minute.

Then my newest client film maker and human activist Jacquelyn Aluotto let me in on her latest idea to raise money for the domestic violence shelters.  Though we raise $10,000 at our last event we still need to raise a lot more.  She also had a few interviews this week still riding the momentum of our event and from people who have heard about the event.

I also got a call this week from a past client of mine. I did the event Haute 4 Haiti earlier this year contacted me about another event that she is working in collaboration with. So she wants me to jump on board to add some extra help.  She gives me the contact information for the publicist that they currently have and I say hmm this names seems familiar so I do what any person would do I google him. And lo and behold he is one of my fraternity brothers (coincidence I think not my frat brothers have three founders and I met three of them this week hmmm) what was even weirder was that he was actually my friend on Facebook and I didn’t even know it.

With it being August I am already working on things for Sept, Oct, and even Jan 2011.

But with all this going on and these opportunities coming my way I have to say I am very pleased with August so far.  My ongoing task is  to work,  hone my craft, fine tuen my niches, and carve out my lane.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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