Are two heads better than one.. The Group Dynamic

How may people really enjoyed group projects while in school? For me it never really turned out how I expected there was always the one person who never did any of their work and the person who made the group project their own personal project. Either way it’s never a pleasant experience.

In the real world group or joint assignments are often given out and you have to deal.

Recently I experience the ‘work together on this project’ now the intentions were good thinking that have two PR people would make things easier. So not the case. I ended up doing pretty much all the work, emailing, pitching, cold calling, setting up the step and repeat. So as any reasonable person I was upset because the workload was not being evenly divided. So I sucked it up and did my job. Now the day of the event comes and I am thinking to myself “Well maybe on the day of the event the other person will pick up their slack” but of course this did not happen.

On the day of the event I was left running around, arranging programs, making sure food is coming, basically everything involved with makings sure the venue is ready for the event. Now anybody who had thrown and event be it for business or pleasure knows that you have to be there and start preparing early. So there I am at the venue early and where is my “group member” not there of course. My counter part doesn’t show up till the event was actually about to start.. How wonderful. And do you know what was said to me? “What can I do to help?” (insert blank stare here). I was so annoyed I just sent this person on a menial task which I am sure didn’t get done.

And just like in school even if one of your group members doesn’t do any work they still get credit for the work that everyone else did. And this was the case that I was in. So what I have gathered from this experience is that I probably won’t agree to collaborate with another person unless I know this person and I have seen examples of their work. You have to make sure that you are on the same page with the person that you are going into this project with. I mean if the point of having a partner is to lessen the burden you shouldn’t end up doing all the work or feeling like you did. It’s not fair.

Next time I will be more diligent in expressing my views in working with a pair and if it is going to happen what are the roles that people will be doing and what are the consequences of not completing the task required.

Happy Flying,

Solo Dove

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