23 Straight No Chaser

Just some late night thoughts a ramblings follow along if you can

I live my life my way because that’s what makes me happy. I don’t think that I need to confirm to anyone ideals of what I should do, how I should look or where I should work. Every year since I’ve entered my 20s I come up with a little slogan or mantra for the year. Lets review some shall we

When I turn 21 I was “21 and loving and loving it” 21 was all about fun living and enjoying life. Time is short and precious enjoy it while you got it. I was quite the carry free 21 year old I might add.

When I turned 22 I was on my “terrible two” / “deuce deuce’  I think at 22 more of my I don’t care attitude came into play and and I realized I have to do what I have to do to make it and live the life that I want to live. And for those that have children or have babies know that the terrible two phase for a child is quite an experince. I can say for me I did alot of emonitanl learning and growing at 22 i and sure this will continue.

Currently at 23 “I am straight no chaser” just like your favorite alcoholic drink without the frills at 23 I am still coming into my own and I am not going to mince words about it. There is something about my personality that tries a little to hard to make other people happy at the expense of making myself misable at 23 I am learning to put a stop to this.  Also at 23 the truth is my friend. I am a bad liar anyway so why even try. Telling the truth while keeping in mind people sensitive side has been another attribute of 23

Now as I approach 24 (lord where has the time gone, can I be 16 again PLEASE) I need to think of a new slogan something catchy that embodies a new year and lease on life. What should it be? I’ve learned alot on my short stay on earth and but I’m not ready to go yet I still have a mark that I want to leave.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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