My first outdoor event

Sometimes I think I live my life week to week.  Everything is pretty much planned. I know what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen. This week I will be counting down to my World Peace Begins at Home event (check previous post for information) but its taking place this coming Sunday at the Highlands Natural Pool in New Jersey visit for more information too.  And my client Cocoa Sarai has two interviews which I know will go great she’s a natural. She’s a natural people person. To know her is to love her hence “Everybody Loves Chocolate”.

As for my event on Sunday I need to tie up loose ends, print this, triple check that, sign this release form, make sure she and he don’t sit next to each other. Its times like this I feel like and event planner. I guess its because more of my PR is for event go figure. But I am just working towards a smooth week and a smooth event. Though I know there will be much running around. And for my event this Sunday  is outdoors it will be my first outdoor event. I am an waiting to see how that compares to my indoor events. There are unique task to have an event outdoors as my first outdoor event I am sure this will be quite the learning experience. We have quite of few celebrity stylist, hair stylist and reality stars coming so the press will be a buzz. All and all this should be a good week. I hope the same goes for you.

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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