The draw of the gift bag

The draw of the gift bag or swagg bag as other call them is quite appealing. Many people go to events simply to get a bag of free goodies. Who doesn’t like free stuff but does it make or break your event? What if you don’t have a gift bag or if everyone who attends doesn’t get a bag?
Now the key thing with gift bags is that you want to give them to key people that you know will talk up your event, support your artist or business, and basically provide you with great word of mouth publicity. The bag thing about the bags are the ones who don’t them who either really wanted one or just wanted some free stuff. These people can potential bad mouth your event no matter how great it was because they didn’t get a bag. Because freebies have become the “norm” some people do not know how to react when they don’t get a bag or they are just as equally offended when they realize that bags will not be given out at this event.
I am starting to wonder if the bag that you get at an event outweighs the event in itself or if it is more-so a addition or subtraction from an event. Just my thoughts.

Happy Flying,
~Solo Dove~

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