Rejection.. how do you deal

How likes to be rejected? To be told NO?.. Not many people I think.

Well this week after many days of waiting I was rejected. 😦

I really wanted this internship. I had a killer interview (well I thought I did) I brought hard copies and even had a slide show presentation but sadly I “didn’t mirror what they need”. What does that even mean?

I was so sad when I got the news I think I shed a tear.  I don’t necessarily deal with rejection well and I am sure for the next couple of days I will continue to run through my mind what could have I done to get the internship. For me this internship would have provided additional experience within PR as well as work in some field that I havent worked in already.

But sadly I won’t have that chance. Rejection.. how do you deal??

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove PR~

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