140 Conference RECAP (Late Post)..

When 140 I watched it via Ustream which was great to have so thanks for the organizers for that.  I didn’t even know twitter had a conference but it was very interesting to watch for my first time. And coincidently Facebook had its own conference during that same week I believe. So I jotted down a few notes and information while I was watching so here is my take on it.

During the 140 conference Kodak presentation  seemed more like a pitch especially in the 2 ad shown (did anyone else feel like this)

There was “emotional technology” talk form CEo of Kodak and he also  spoke of ROI as  Return on ignoring ( quite catchy if you as me)

The 3 speaker whose twitter handle is  @donny_deutsch said you have to understand nourish love.  The more you change,  have the same skin.” Look & act the same outside as your inside changes.  No matter how things change there are still core rules. ( I think these were great words not only to do business by but to live by. In the profession of people your words carries you very for esp with the people/companies that you represent)

Speaker #4 was Ivan Trump twitter handle @ivankatrump who spoke on consistency. She stated how everything flows from her various businesses and messages.

Speaker #5 who’s twitter  @1000timesyes gave a very passionate presentation. He said that the race to be first is killing music blogging, good writing  dies at the hands of SEO, music blog/mag covering non music stuff. Now what he said I defiantly agreed on to an extent. There is too much cross communication and media out put. For example like he was saying that magazines that typically didn’t cover music are now covering music. But what makes them qualified to do so. Some are just doing so people they feel there is a market to do it but that doesn’t mean they are providing the reader with the best quality information. Also with sports for example ESPN is a sports broadcast but with the whole Tiger Woods and even recently Ben Roethlisberger and Lawrence Taylor situation there has been more talk about their personal lives then the actually sports. This IS a sports network isn’t it. So I do think that these media outlets need to stick to what they were originally set out to do and if they want to branch out they need to do enough ground work in order to give the consumer a good information and product.

Now there was a panel called Finding Common Ground: Discussion of issues of race and politics in 140 Characters: The speakers were
Blair Kelley (@profblmkelley) – Professor at North Carolina State University
Elon James White (@elonjames) – Comedian and Social Critic
Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) – Editor in Chief, Salon
Liza Sabater (@blogdiva) – Publisher of Culturekitchen & DailyGotham
Now this panel didn’t go as deep at I thought they would for this topic they had. They could have hit on a few different things. The Racial make-up of twitter/social media would have been nice. But they more so just scratched the surface I would say. And the main point that was being made was that “racial discussions go awry when people get sloppy with language” …
One of the people who I follow @SmallBizLady who hold #smallbizchat was also a speaker and she did a create job of getting people enthused about what they are doing and using twitter as a venue to grow their business.
Rapper Jim Jones was also there speaking about the music industry. So I think that the 140 conference had a wind range of speakers and presenters so that was  defiantly a  plus for them.
Thanks to Ustream I was able to be at the 140 conference without actually being there. There was a lot of good information being shared. And 140 conference even made it up on the world-wide trending topic up there with Justin Bieber.

So I leave you with this quotes that I think helps you need to be doing in business  “Be the audience you’re trying to attract.”  It works online and off!

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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