Put the Business Cards to USE

I’m not talking about when you meet a random person that’s trying to pick you up. I’m talking about business cards. Hope may business cards do we collect and give out at various networking events or just in general and actually call these people or get a phone call in return. I know if the person specifically says “Hey call be tomorrow or this weekend” there WILL be a call but what percentage of call backs to business cards do you have?

I know most of the time we just email the person within a day or two of meeting just to do a follow-up and remind them of who we are in hopes that we will stay connected and so on. But how many times have you called and spoke with these people. Email has made communicating  easier but if you are emailing people who have been passing out business cards all night and have job your email may get lost in the pile up or worse end up in a junk folder ( I have had this happen to me, I found it quite rude to be put in the junk folder but I digress).

I know for me as a beginner is this Publicist field I do call the numbers that are on the cards but maybe I should be doing a bit more. So I though about others who may not call at all or who are like me and only call a few. I just think that in order to continue the real connections and to being real network we may want to call the numbers on these cards. I mean people put them on there for a reason so my thinking in they want you to call them (ironic isn’t it) now I know that the initial phone call will be a little nerve-racking or uneasy since some people are not “phone people” but a brief 2-5 min phone conversation shouldn’t be that bad.

This was just my little #PR tip to myself and just decide to share it maybe able to Help a PR PRO  #HAPPO or even those students via #PRSTUDCHAT

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

  1. January 27th, 2011

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