One Word …Hectic

Life is busy life is hectic. Thats what its been like these past few weeks while working on various things as a freelancer and  with my 9-5 job.

Working on the Haute for Haiti Fashion Soirée which is taking place in 3 weeks. Trying to make sure I send out all the invites, checking on people to make sure they RSVP,  finalizing the step and repeat, etc, etc So much is going into this to make this event a success and to raise money for the people of #Haiti. We have Steve Madden as a sponsor know which is great news and we just want to make sure that everyone that should know about this event knows and shows up.

Balancing my Fulltime job with freelancing is becoming a bit much simply because my 9-5 is require much more from and I am still trying to learn and work the ropes as a freelancer. I am such things will get better. And I am still working towards getting that PR agency/firm job that I want. I think that when I do get that PR job that it maybe a bit easier because it will be within the same field so I will be able to transition between work load easier. (I say this now but let us see how this thing actually pans out)

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove ~

p.s. If you want to attend the Haute 4 Haiti event let me know I will send you the evite or if you want to add some items to the gift bags let me know. Chow

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