I Dont Want to be Archived

So the Library of Congress has all of twitter public tweets since twitter started (that’s a lot of tweets) what  the Library plans to do is archive these tweets by various categories so that people can look them up later down that line. To me its seems like it will be a permanent  favorite section for tweets. Now the key thing about this is that it stated all public tweets will be archived so I have a feeling that protected tweets will be on the rise on twitter.


I sure not everyone wants nostalgia about what they were tweeting about 1 year ago or that the fact the Justin beiber has to be the longest trending topic EVER.  Sometimes I think we all forget how permanent the  internet is…

From the Public Relations stand point I am thinking why is it that after the Library of Congress was able to get a hold of all those tweets were we told about it. There has to be a group looking up some law that says this has to be unconstitutional in one way or another. Also for twitter there should have been some communication to the users that something like this was going on. But on a positive PR stand point it does show twitter’s importance if the Library of Congress want to archive what people are saying and what topics really captivated the minds of people.

And of cause their will be the conspiracy theorist that will think this is the govt way of monitoring us, and to that I say of course it is. Big brother is real and this is just one of many things that I sure will be used to further monitor citizens activities.

Another thing with this archived thing is I hope it will at least stop some of the serial tweeters from putting up their life story, telephone numbers, naked pictures, etc on the internet.

Check out the link and let me know what you think.. Do you want to be archived??


Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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